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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary Biography Wiki Profile Info

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Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary Biography Wiki

Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary is the name which is known to each and every fan following of Sir Sachin Tendulkar ( God of Cricket ). Sachin Tendulkar is the name which really don't even need any introduction at all as he is a deemed personality within itself. But for Sudhir, he is a father, philosopher, god and even the one and only source to survive in this world. He has decided and also declared to public that he is not even going to get married
ever and dedicate his entire life to Indian cricket, cheer for the team and even demised from this world by chanting the name of his real hero and god Sachin Tendulkar. From the sources, we came to know that when there will be the match of Indian cricket team, he doesn't eat his meals across the day and used to have water and juice only. He used to pray the almighty by blowing conch shell and swings Indian flag entire day to pay his wishes to god so that out team can beat the opposite one. So you all must be amazed about this crazy and die hard fan Sachin sir. Sachin sir even know this fan personally and also respond suddenly with a call back even when he is busy or somewhere else abroad. Every year, he carries Litchi for Sachin Sir and has a smooth entry to his home without any security checks. Once, he was in Auckland for watching a match and was badly trapped by security officers of Airport there. At that time, Sachin sir has personally requested the authority by a letter to make him free from the trap. Seriously guy's it is like a true submission of a devotee to his master.

Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary Early and Personal Life 

Sudhir was born on 20th febryary 1981 in Muzaffarpur ( Bihar, India ) and known to every one by the name as Sudhir Kumar Gautham. He is widely recognized for attending every home matches of Indian Cricket team since year 2003. Public also used to manage funds for him so that he can cheer for Indian team even in abroad also. If someone is seen with waiving national flag with entire body painted in National Colors of India, then anyone can recognize him as Sudhir Gautham, the die hard fan of Scahin sir and Indian Cricket team. Since 2010, he attended near about 150 matches by travelling in a bicycle and reached the ground. He did same thing in Bangladesh and Lahore too. He cycled for 21 days from Muzaffarpur, Bihar to Mumbai to watch Sachin play for India against Australia on 28 October 2003. He was working with a milk company in his early days but soon became unemployed due his inclination towards cricket. He postponed his marriage so that he can manage to watch every matches on Indian cricket team. Due to this nature his family always remain unhappy. He once threatened his family for self-immolation if anyone stop him to watch all cricket matches played by Indian team. He dedicated his life on watching cricket and lives life on public support.

Sudhir Kumar Documentary Film 

Sudhir Kumar is one of three principal roles of a documentary film "Beyond all boundaries" which tells the stories of three different personalities of Indian Cricket and he is shown as a super fan of the sport. It is directed by Sushrut Jain. This documentary has portrayed entire life and journey of him. Sudhir's crowning moment came on April 2 2011, the day India defeated Sri Lanka in the Final at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, to become the World Champions. Sachin Tendulkar himself signaled Sudhir who was sitting among the cheering Indian fans, to come to the Indian dressing room and join the team's celebrations. Tendulkar asked Zaheer Khan to bring the World Cup over. Tendulkar shook hands with Sudhir, hugged him and finally let him lift the cup from Zaheer’s hands. Tendulkar allowed Sudhir to hold the World Cup along with him and Sudhir celebrated the occasion by posing for photographs. Sudhir chanted "India" as he lifted the ICC World Cup 2011 trophy.

Sudhir Gautam Pics 

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