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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rahul Yadav, CEO Biography, Wiki, Age, Height And Complete Profile

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Rahul Yadav Biography Wiki

Almost three years back, a group of students came down to Mumbai for studies in IIT-B but found it literally impossible to find their accommodation after passing out. They spent a month on the roads of Mumbai searching for a decent accommodation but failed. After a long and tiring search, they found a house near the IIT-B campus, Powai.Since they had a good network of potential clients among their IIT friends and batch mates, they become brokers and made INR 1-2 lakhs a month within a short period of time. It was now time for national expansion. But they lacked extensive local knowledge of different cities and states. So a well-planned map-based portal, “” was made open for public in June 2012. This is the incredible journey and success Journey of Rahul Yadav, CEO, & Advitiya Sharma, Co-Founder of  “If something doesn’t exist, build it yourself, and if it doesn’t work, move on” – Rahul Yadav, CEO,

The fighting and pugnacious spirit of Rahul has led him for his high earning start-up along with a hub of controversy too. His company has grown to $121 million ( Around 750 Crores ) as gained from the investors. As per the sources, he is not executing the company just because of money only. Despite the fact that company is now owing around Rs 1,500 crores, his ownership is still confined to Rs 70 crores only.

Rahul Yadav Biodata and Complete Profile 

Name - Rahul Yadav
Date of Birth - 1990
Age - 26 years
Place of Birth - Alwar ( Rajasthan )
Owner -
Education - Graduated from IIT Bombay
Discipline - Metallurgy
Siblings - No
Value of Company - Rs 1500 ( As per sources )
Website Link -

Rahul Yadav and is a real estate search portal ( Mumbai-based company ) which allows the customers to search for housing based on geography, the number of rooms, and various other filters. The company is now equipped with  6,000 brokers and serves 40 cities in India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi. It was launched in June 2012. It has an astounding story. A crew of 12 students from IIT Bombay founded in June 2012, currently having nine founders and now is Rs 1500 crore company within a short span of time ( Almost three years ). 

Rahul Yadav Pics/Images 

Image result for rahul yadav

Image result for rahul yadav

Image result for rahul yadav


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