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Friday, 26 June 2015

Meghali Malbika Swain Google Girl Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Profile Info

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Meghali Malbika Swain Biography Wiki

Meghali Malvika a.k.a Google girl is just six years of old but people consider and call her human search engine as this child prodigy has all the information about geography at her fingertips. This seven years old  is glued to comics of 'Chhota Bheem', Doreman and Krishna. What sets her apart is that she can remember every line in these comics and impeccably draw the characters. She can tell the name of any country and its neighbouring countries just by blinking for a moment, imagine their location in the map and effortlessly tell the names. She is also capable of telling any country's capital, its currency and its major mountains or rivers. She will not disappoint anyone on this. Astonishingly, she will also tell you where a river originates and where it falls. It seems she has captured the world atlas in her mind.

Meghali is from Nayapalli in Bhubaneswar ( Odisha ) ans studies in Standard I of D.A.V public school. At school, she is a normal kid. But at home, she is in her own world taking in all the information she can access. Her parents are very anxious to avoid her from any kind of distractions. They told to reporters of some news channels that  “We don’t let her watch television. We are afraid that with her incredible grasping power, she might pick up distracting habits,” When reporters asked about their future plans and her career, Mr. Swain uttered softly that “Unnecessary burden could lead her nowhere,”. Although Meghali has picked up interest in the socio-economic situation of various countries. She can tell which countries are rich and which are not. Her father full name is Prafulla Kumar Swain and is working for Indian government as Deputy collector of Chhatrapur ( Odisha ). He once shown a map to his daughter and after a couple of days he noticed Meghali, then two-and-half years, could recall the name of the countries and their capitals. He was taken aback by her memory as she was too small to read the name of those countries. He then took her  to psychologists, who said she has an amazing photographic memory. She can also remember news, current affairs, jokes and stories. Meghali's parents have decided to nurture their daughter's talent and hope that her name figures in the record books one day. "I want to be a scientist," Meghali told her father, who feeds her with all kinds of information.

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Image result for meghali malbika

Image result for meghali malbika


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