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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Shubham Jaglan Biography, Wiki, Age, Height And Complete Profile Info

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Shubham Jaglan Wiki Biography 

Shubham Jaglan is an Indian golfer who recently declared the winner of Junior World Golf Championships this year in 2015. Right now, he is 10 years old and has won more than hundred international and domestic tournaments. About three years ago, India's former top-level golfer Nonita Lall Quereshi really fall under surprise when she saw the name of this young boy kept popping up on the leader board of every small tournament for kids. She turned curious to know more about him. But no one knows much about him. She finally traced him to his village Israna ( A small village in Panipat, Haryana, India ) and discovered eventually that Shubham is a son of an uneducated milkman and trained at small abandoned farm land. He practised his bunker shots from a cement mixer filled with sand. That he rehearsed chips near his angan ( courtyard ) from a grass strip with holes. That he learnt much of his golf primarily watching experts on YouTube. Jaglan is also the world record holder 9 for Classical Junior Open ( 2012 ) and also is the recipient of Emerging Player-NDTV along with 'Margdarshan' awards.

Shubham Jaglan Early Life And Background 

Jaglan was born on 01 July 2005 in Israna village of Haryana ( India ) to an uneducated milkman into a descent which is involved with Pehlwani ( Wrestling ) profession. He is taking primary educations from his own village right now. When Kapur Singh ( An NRI ) launched a Golf academy in Israna, Shubham's grandfather enrolled him in the academy which shuttered down later due to some unavoidable causes. But this was not the end of his passion towards golf. He moved against his family's wishes and continued his practices on a small piece of land in his backyard cleared by his father and used to spent hours watching experts on Youtube learn fine complexities of the game. Finally, with god's grace, he was spotted later by Delhi Golf Foundation which rewarded him with an annual scholarship on Rs 2 Lakh along with the membership of Delhi Golf Club. This event lets him and his father relocates to Delhi for further training.

Shubham Jaglan Personal Profile

Full Name - Shubham Jaglan
Age - 10 years ( Approx )
School - Pursuing primary education
Coach Name - Nonita Lall Qureshi
Height - 4 feet and 9 inches ( Approx )

Shubham Jaglan Tournaments 

a ) 2015 - Won Junior World Golf Championships ( For Boys 09-10 )
b ) 2013 - Won World Junior Golf Tournament ( TaylorMade Adidas )

Shubham Jaglan Pics/Images 

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Image result for Shubham Jaglan Biography and Wiki


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