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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lujendra Ojha, Nepalese Rockstar Astrogeek, NASA Biography, Wiki And Complete Profile

Lujendra Ojha Biography Wiki 

25 years old Lujendra Ojha is the first one to found water on red planet Mars just at the right time and right place and once again made the possibility of life on Mars robust. Young Lujendra is right now doing his PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology and had already presented himself within the part of a team who wrote  a paper about the presence of flowing liquid salt water on Mars. Their research team, led by principal investigator Alfred McEwen, was the first to spot dark finger-like features on images of the surfaces of steep slopes in the southern hemisphere of Mars, captured by a camera orbiting Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Apart from an Astro-geek, he is the lead guitarist for Gorkha, a heavy metal band. NASA has also confirmed the report he produced about water in red planet.

Lujendra Ojha Early Life And Background 

Lujendra was born in Nepal. He did his schooling from Kathmandu’s Galaxy Public School and migrated to Tucson, Arizona, United States in 2005 with his family. He was quite passionate and mad about music since childhood but after reading Stephen Hawking's book called Brief History of Time he decided to go for the pursuance of space sciences. What he trying to say about his thinking and approach can be sensed from the lines he uttered as "With the profound knowledge that I am a unified mind and body composed of stardust, I am not doing science, I am merely trying to understand my genesis and share that knowledge. ". In 2011, he gave a telephonic interview to a branded newspaper where he told that These features appear only when the temperatures rise during summers, only on steep slopes, and only in the mid-latitudes — the best explanation we think is the flow of liquid water with salts."
Lujendra has got dozens of peer-reviewed research papers published along with opportunities to further his research into space. He also wants to make his musical hobby alive along with his works.

Lujendra Ojha Pics/Images 

Salty water runs down the slopes of Horowitz Crater on Mars

Water Traces on Mars 


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