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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Deepak Ravichandran Innoz Technologies Biography, Wiki, Age, Profile Info

Deepak Ravichandran Biography Wiki 

Deepak Ravichandran is the co-founder and CEO of Innoz Technologies which is actually a wireless communication platform initially set up by him in college dorm along with his five class friends of the same college in the year 2008 which has now become a reputed name known by most of us. He is actually a college drop out of LBS College of Engineering ( Kannur University of Kerala, India ). He was keen to flex the world of Internet and wanted it to be availed for the offline world also. In 2011, he arrived with an idea like SMSGyan, which was an SMS-based system across India and bagged such fame that helped him to be recognised on MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35.

Deepak Ravichandran Innoz Technologies Early Life And Background

Deepak was born in Bangalore ( Karnataka, India ) and then started pursuing Engineering degree in from  LBS College of Engineering ( Kannur University of Kerala, India ). He left his studies in the middle because his mind was full of many ideas and it was almost impossible to fulfil these ideas while studying. In 2008, he came up with an MMS based search engine and then launched a company named Technologies. He has also arrived with a mobile based service, SMSGyan, promises information on almost any topic to the user on his mobile phone without asking him to click on any link. There is a host of services existing which would give users information on certain topics on their mobile phones but most of these are either limited to a sector, such as railway enquiry, or they send links to the user's mobile phone asking the user to click on them to access desired information. Such services have not become very popular with the vast majority of the people because they don't have GPRS connection on their mobile phones or the connection is weak. Though India has almost 700 million users today, the smartphone penetration still remains very low.

In 2014, he then launched another app quest based on American market followed by a messaging app lookup which has now crossed almost 5 lakh downloads. There are almost 1 crore messages being delivered by this app and collected around 4 lakh dollars as a seed fund. Through the lookup, a user can easily purchase from nearest stores just by sitting at home and even one can share their thought with the purchase without displaying their contact information. The lookup has also created a platform on What's app via which purchaser can discuss with experts also. Kriss Gopalakrishnan of Infosys has invested Rs 18 crores in this company also. Other investors are also keen and going to invest here.

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