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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Evan Tube Biography, Wiki, Age, DOB, Earning and Profile Info

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Evan Tube Biography Wiki 

Evan Tube is a 10 years old entrepreneur who born on 06-12-2005 in Pennsylvania and has got the record of more than 280 million views and is earning near about $1.4 million every year just by posting his toy reviews on Youtube. Evan is very popular and rich now and the world used to chase him because of his extraordinary work in such a young age. What Evan actually does is he review his favourite toys and video games and with his father's help upload the final videos game on YouTube just by adding some special effects to it. Sometimes his mum or sister also make a cameo. 

Evan Tube Early Life And Startup

Evan was born on December 06, 2005 in Pennsylvania of United States. He and his dad Jared had started making Angry Birds stop-motion clay model videos and used to post them on YouTube to share with his friends just for some little fun. The video hit 1 million views at that time. Soon Evan and his dad came to realize that how huge this was getting. Soon Evan was getting requests to talk about toys. At this point, they started to provide information about the product as well as have that creative flare with the videos. Soon they started realizing their popularity on many occasions along with the magnitude of their channel's popularity. But his parents want to keep it that way, for as long as they can. They decided not to share their last name for this article, and there's no identifying information on their YouTube channel. His popular youtube channels are EvanTubeRAW and EvanTubeGaming and EvanTubeHD hit 1 billion views in January of 2015. He has collaborated with AnimalBytesTV, a channel which has also featured Hank Green. 

Evan Tube Personal Profile 

Full Name - Evan Tube
Birthday - 06-12-2005 
Father Name - Jared 
Sister - Jillian
Age - 10 Years 
Place of Birth - Pennsylvania ( United States ) 
Zodiac sign - Sagittarius
Evan Tube Youtube Channel -

Now Jared and his son Evan Jared says they have a dedicated sales team that sells ads and negotiates deals with brands and businesses. "These include both ads that appear in and around each video as well as products actually featured in our videos. The majority of the revenue is generated by the ads placed on the video itself," he says. "Outside of the networks, YouTube/Google handles all ad placement within the site. Content creators have a few options regarding the format of ads they would like to allow on their videos.  But the actual ads are chosen by some higher power."

Evan Tube Pics/Images 

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