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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Jeff Weiner CEO LinkedIn Wiki Biography Profile Info

Jeff Weiner LinkedIn CEO Wiki Biography Profile Info Microsoft Tie Up 2016 

Jeff Weiner Wiki Biography 

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Jeff Weiner ( Jeffrey Weiner ) is an American Businessman and influencer who is currently working as CEO ( Chief Executive Officer ) of the infamous professional social networking based company named "LinkedIn". If we get more deep into it, we can term the company as it is a business and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via websites. The company was founded in the year 2002 and now it is maintaining more than 467 million accounts genuine, authentic and purely professional accounts. As per the Alexa company, it is the 14th most popular website in the world. When the company was launched, Jeff was the Interim President there. Recently, it has tied up with the Microsoft company and was announced officially this year. There were many pacts signed in between the company and it is been estimated that both with going to launch some outstanding services in the area of Information Technology and other sectors too.

Jeff Weiner Early Life And Background 

Weiner was born on February 21, 1970, in New York City of United States and did his Bachelor of Science in Economics from  The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in the year 1992. After the completion of his Alma matter, he then served at Yahoo for almost 7 years. He served as a leader there and also been there at the position of  Executive Vice President at Yahoo's Network Division where he leads almost 3,000 employees. He had a very outstanding customer base also estimated over 500 million consumers. He not only took care of Yahoo's customer division part but also served its Network Division plus search engine technologies. While working as Vice President at Warner Bros company at the USA, he developed the initial road plan his business plan and wisely took the entire professional genre and realm from the prominent Social networking sites. And now linked is the most successful arena where we can get the real tested authentic professional classes. He is also working for some non-profitable organisations like "" and "Malaria No More" as an active director of the board. 

Jeff Weiner Personal Profile And Bio-Data 

Full Name - Jeffrey Weiner
Date of birth - February 21, 1970
Place of birth -  New York City of United States
Education - Bachelor of Science in Economics (The  University of Pennsylvania )
Designation - CEO of LinkedIn
Marital Status - Married (To Lisette Weiner )

Jeff With His Wife Lisette Weiner

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Jeff Weiner Pics | Images 

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Jeff Weiner Awards And Accolades 

1) Weiner and Reid Hoffman - Declared winners of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award - In 2011
2) Recognised by LinkedIn employees via Glassdoor's annual survey as among "the top 10 CEOs at U.S. Tech Companies" - In 2014

The Most Important Lesson Jeff Weiner Learned as the CEO of LinkedIn | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

Jeff Weiner Tweets 


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