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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Neil Patel Blogger Wiki Biography Networth SEO marketer at KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, QuickSprout

Neil Patel Blogger Wiki Biography Personal Profile 

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Neil Patel is an Indian origin London born and  California-raised businessmen who started his career as a blogger and now he has turned into a millionaire by his various ventures. He is not only a businessman but also an avid entrepreneur, investor, and analytics expert. He is currently residing and settled down in Seattle ( Washington, United States ). Right now, he is running a few companies like KISSMEtrics and Crazy Egg which are generally based on customer and visual analytics. Apart from his various businesses, he never left his core i.e blogging and his current live blog is It is a real popular website and has got a well recognitions to pioneer tech. and entrepreneur based magazines like TechCrunch. His writings are mostly referenced by such well-recognised publications regularly. He has now become a popular name among worldwide bloggers, entrepreneurs and businessmen. 

Neil Patel Early Life And Background 

Neil was born in London ( England ) on dated April 24, 1985, but raised in the United States. His family members were the real strugglers as they had faced a lot of challenges in their initial stages of settlement in the US. His mother was a non-paid teaching gig initially and used to walk few miles with him and his sister. On the other hand, his Neil's father was also not a very good earner and was working beneath his uncle. They were actually spending a middle-class lifestyle at that time. On the other hand, Neil was almost surrounded by businessmen all the time and has got that business ethics in his blood. Eventually, his mother started as a home based daycare business but failed to earn that much revenue which could lead them to spend a lavishing lifestyle. His father was also satisfied with his average job earnings.  But Neil was falling at the other side of mindset and he was not satisfied with this much. 

Finally, he stood up with a temperament one day that he has to change his middle-class lifestyle. He initially started selling CDs (not pirated medias) and then jumped to the business of black boxes to his mates at  John F. Kennedy High School along with their parents. Then he started capitalising it by purchasing cable black boxes in quantity on eBay and then selling them at bulk. It was although a boring one but inspired him a lot towards more. 

Soon, he realised that illegal kind of business have no future and thus took resellers permit from the State Board of Equalization and started selling car parts at a pretty discounted rate. But it also didn't work for him that much to raise his family income till the mark. So he decided to get into a job and started working for a firm named Knott’s Berry Farm. But he was working as cleaning staff and his job was to pick up trash, emptying trash cans, cleaning restrooms and sweeping up vomit. 

After three months of his working at Knott’s Berry Farm, he quit and got a job at Quality Systems where he used to earn a few hundred dollars in commission per sale of Kirby vacuums. He went for the door to door, trying to convince homeowners to let him clean their carpets for free. 

He soon left the job again and get into the business of Internet marketing by getting inspiration from the working of He soon realised that, without having a college degree, he could not stand robust in the market so he again started his studies taking general education college courses at Cypress Community College while in high school. He got an offer from a company called Elpac Electronics during his studies just after the speech he delivered there about the working of search engines. It is the point where his intense studies about the working model of and his entrepreneurial skills and again his door to door vacuum selling came to work for him while the negotiation of salary figure with the company which was around $3,500 a month as a consulting gig. He started working as an Internet marketer from there after. he eventually decided to start up an Internet marketing company with his sister’s boyfriend who is now his sister's husband.  

He then started to invest in various web hosting companies and earned a lot. Then they created another company called Crazy Egg which was also struggled a lot to get some investors at that time but did pretty well after some time. Then they decided to invest in software companies and also came with another company called KISSmetrics. Now both companies are doing well and Neil and his partners have also invested in some other ventures across the US, mainly at Silicon Valley. 

Today, Neil is trying and working ver day and night to make his turnovers in billions. But at the same time, he also focusing on some non-profit sectors also just to help those persons who also wants to change their lives. Now he is a married person and also blessed by a baby. 

Neil Patel Personal Profile - 

Name - Neil Patel 
Date of birth -  April 24, 1985
Nationality - American
Place of residence - Seattle ( Washington, United States )
Status - Married
Profession - Blogger, Internet Marketer, entrepreneur, investor, and analytics expert.
Networth- $7-10M USD ( As estimated )
Companies Owned and investments

KISSMetrics (Co-founder) 2008-present
Crazy Egg (Co-founder) 2006-present
ACS (Co-founder & VP of Marketing) 2003-2008
Mimico (Investor)
Estately (Investor)
Adzerk (Investor)
Banyan Branch (Investor)

Neil Patel Pics | Images 

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Neil Patel Tweets 

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