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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Jeff Bezos wiki|Biography|Family|religion|Age|Profile Info

Jeff Bezos wiki, biography, family, religion, wife, Amazon p | Jeff Bezos leadership style | age | profile


Jeff Bezos wiki | Jeff Bezos biography

                                            Jeff Bezos wiki


Jeff Bezos wiki - Jeff Bezos whose actual name is Jeffrey Bezos is an American entrepreneur, retailer, investor and a philanthropist also. He is the CEO of the largest online shopping retail business It is undoubtedly the world's largest internet-based sale's company with an estimated net-worth of US$87.2 billion as per July 2017. He is currently the world's second richest person just after Bill Gates. His company deals with other products and services like internet merchant of books, video and audio streaming services, web and cloud services. His interest in areas like newspapers and aerospace also led him to the foundation and manufacturing of Blue Origin and test flights. Both of them generally deals with the privately funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services. He is also the owner of "The Washington Post" newspaper since the year 2013. Bezos is also one of those early shareholders of Google who has a great contribution towards the position what it has achieved by now. He invested $250,000 in 1998 that really helped a lot to raise up its market share in billions. He recently invested a respectable sum in a research firm also who is actually working to slow down the process of ageing in humans. 

Amazon founder | Jeff Bezos early life 

Jeff was born in the year 1964 to Jacklyn and Ted Jorgensen in Mexico (US)  and did her high school education from  Miami Palmetto High School. While studying his high school, he attended the Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida where he received a Silver Knight Award in 1982. He was undoubtedly a meritorious student and also been the high school valedictorian and also a National Merit Scholar. After completing his high school studies, he attended Princeton University for gaining a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Electricals. He also worked as the President of "Students for the Exploration and Development of Space" during the days of his Princeton University. He worked on Wall Street in his core area after passing out his college in 1986 and then worked for a company called Fitel as a Banker Trust. Then he shifted to another Internet enabled company named DE Shaw & Company. His work pattern really reflects his actions and move that he's will be going to take in his life.

Jeff's father and mother names were Ted Jorgensen and Jacklyn Bezos who were based on New Mexico city of US. His maternal ancestors were very rich and used to live in the area within 25,000 acres near Cotulla. His maternal grandfather was a reputed man and used to work with U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. That is the reason for Jeff working with his grandfather in his early life as a youth. His inclination towards science really attracted him toward's his grandfather since he was actually related to this field. His father and mother were separated just after very few years of their marriage. She then married again to Miguel Bezos and then shifted to Cuba when Jeff was just at 15. 

Which year was Amazon founded 

Amazon was founded in the year 1994 that makes Jeff shift to New York. He was a real vision about the growth of the Internet that led him to left his well-settled job and start a small company called Amazon from his own small garage. Now the company has a worth asset of $83.9 billion till by the July 2017. 

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Jeff Bezos Pics | Images 

Jeff Bezos wiki

Jeff Bezos wiki


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