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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Daniel Zhang Wiki | aliexpress com | aliexpress shopping | aliexpress wiki

 Daniel Zhang Wiki |aliexpress com | aliexpress shopping | aliexpress wiki | aliexpress

aliexpress com | aliexpress shopping | aliexpress wiki | aliexpress

aliexpress com is an online retail business and also an e-commerce shopping website owned by Alibaba groups which are mostly spanned over China, Singapore, Russia and Brasil. All starting from household products to apparels, electronics devices to utensils etc, we can get to purchase anything from here. It is a large repository of quality products at a very reasonable rate. It also assists small businesses and acts as a middle sitter in between such businesses and customers across the world.

aliexpress wiki | History 

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aliexpress was founded in the year 2010. Its headquarter is in Hangzhou ( Zhejiang, China ). The CEO of Alibaba group is Daniel Zhang. Initially, it was a B2B portal where one can sell and buy. But later on, it has moved into B2C, payment gateways and cloud computing services. It basically connects Chinese platform with the outside world for buy and sells. Alibaba group is much dependent on this website for expanding its consumers across the world for mainly the countries like Russia, USA, Brasil and Spain.

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Daniel Zhang CEO 

Daniel Zhang CEO alibaba Wiki

Daniel Zhang or Zhang Yong is the CEO of aliexpress. Initially, he was the CEO of e-commerce business like and Both are also owned by Alibaba Groups. Daniel was born in Shanghai in the year 1972 and graduated in Finance from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. 

aliexpress wiki

Name : Aliexpress
CEO : Daniel Zhang
Category: E-commerce Business Website
Foundation: 2010
Headquarters: China

Aliexpress Twitter 


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